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zimbra смена логотипа

The title above seems very simple at all, but for some new admin on zimbra world, will experience confusion.


Here’s how to change the logo Zimbra on the Login page with your own logo:

1. Make your own logo to the size 450 x 100 pixel, and save with format .png and give iits name LoginBanner.png

2. Copy (upload) to Zimbra Server  (Use a regular user should not use the root user). For example in the copy to the server zimbra by location, /home/agung/ .

( agung is Regular User on my Zimbra Server)

3. Then Open console and login as root user . Then change as zimbra user. Follow the following command :


########  (Your root password)

su - zimbra

4. Execute the following command to change zimbra logo with your own logo : ( Assuming that you install zimbra on folders /opt )

cp /home/agung/LoginBanner.png /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/skins/_base/logos

If the override prompt appears, answer y .

5. Restart your zimbra service by typing the following code ( still as zimbra user ) . Note : Or you can restart your computer.

zmcontrol stop

zmcontrol start

6. Finished. It’s time to fun.

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